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Case Highlight: Fired for Quitting your Company’s WhatsApp Group

Nowadays, there are so many communication tools in the workplace, with WhatsApp groups, Slack, Dingtalk and many more. Apparently, these applications are supposed to ease communication and increase productivity.
Thinking of quitting your company’s WhatsApp group? Think twice as this may be legitimate grounds to fire you.
In this highlight, we examine the recent Industrial Court decision in Thilagavathy A/P Arunasalam v Maxis Mobile Sdn Bhd (Award No. 1050 of 2019, 27 March 2019), which involved an employee who was dismissed for quitting the company’s WhatsApp group without their superior’s permission.
Brief Facts that Lead to the Dismissal.
The Employee was employed as an Executive Sales & Services in the Company and it was a common practice for the Company to create WhatsApp Groups for ease of communication between employees.
Two WhatsApp groups were created by the Head of Branch at the time of the Employee’s employment: one for all employees and another one which included Managers …

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